Friday, May 21, 2010

Wow. It’s been a really long time since I’ve done this. With my 31st bday quickly approaching, I’m feeling the pressure of last year’s resolution bearing down on me like a repo-man at a garage sale. Did that analogy make sense? Regardless, last year I resolved to do 30 new things during my 30th year. Here’s the list:
1. Go to Yosemite, and camp like an adult. Check.
2. Vegas Roll at RA Sushi. Check (and YUM).
3. Drink better wine and beer. Goodbye 2 buck chuck and Budlight, you’ve been good friends but, alas, it’s time to move on.
4. Go back to school. CHECK! I graduate sometime between Sept and Nov with a BS in Nutrition. I can’t believe it and will be SO proud of myself once I’m done. It’s taken me a long time to narrow the field, but I’ve finally settled on teaching high school. Look out teenage angst!
5. Become a Nanny. This has been the most fulfilling job I’ve had (as of yet). Jackson is amazing and has taught me so much. I can’t wait to have one of my own
6. Buy a new car. I did it, all by myself- car payments and all. It feels great to have adult responsibilities.
7. Clean up my credit. This has been a work in progess since the mistakes of my early twenties but I’m happy to say that I’d qualify for a decent APR if I so desired. The credit bureau’s can suck it!
8. Get a new puppy. Well, she’s a dog now, but Annie is new nonetheless. Rodrigo and I are both happy to have her, and her annoying skin allergies.
9. (Another) new job as Captain for The Abbey Catering and Event Company. It’s pretty fun and, most importantly, it pays the bills.
10. Learn a few life lessons. Relationships are all about practice and figuring out what works (and doesn’t) for you. I think I’ve matured over the years and have made a concerted effort to pick better men and make better choices.
11. Joined a 2 person hiking club. Trissy and I go nearly every weekend with Annie. It’s amazing to me that San Diego offers so much ecological variety.
12. Made new friends- at least 4!
13. Became a regular member of the best dinner club ever! Once a month we indulge in great food, wine, and company.
14. Go to Church. I’ve been attending Mission Gathering Christian Church for over a year now and have only missed a handful of Sundays. It’s awesome to be a part of something that makes me feel connected to God without becoming part of the Religious Judgment Machine. I don’t go to church to judge, I go to feel good about myself and others. One of my favorite quotes is “You Christians are so unlike your Christ.” – Ghandi. Sad, but true.
15. Be comfortable in my own skin. Ok, well actually I’ve been this way for quite awhile, but it’s a biggie and therefore deserves mention. It makes me so sad to hear friends talk about how unattractive or worthless they feel. Everyone has faults, the trick is to focus on the great things and forget about the extra jiggle or other inadequacies that come with life. Confidence is 90% of the battle.
16. Make the Deans and President’s list. This one goes into the school category and is achieved with a 3.85 and 3.95 GPA. Straight A’s is something I never thought I was smart enough to achieve. Turns out that’s one of the things I was wrong about.
17. Reconnect with old friends. This one is a shout-out to Agi, my high school BFF that I lost touch with somewhere in my early 20’s. I’m SO glad to have her back in my life!
18. Go with the flow. This one’s a work in progress, but this year I’ve made significant effort not to plan out every detail of my (and everyone else’s) existence. I’ve tried to live my life by the idea that there is plan for me and it’s not up to me to decide what it is.
19. Be Happy. This is not the first time in my life I’ve been happy- 2008 was a pretty good year, haha- but I am. That’s that.
20. Practice Patience. Huge. I have none. Huge.
Ok, so I have 10 left and until 6/1 to do them. To those that feel adventurous, I need help. I’d also like to replace some of the 1-20 that are filled with sentiment with physically new things. Less talk, more action!

On a side note- it’s so bizarre reading my earlier post. 2008/2009 were filled with the highest highs and lowest lows. I’m glad I made it to the other side and wouldn’t have if not for my close friends and family. As terrifying as it is to be officially “in my thirties” and not just on the cusp, I’m excited about what the next year will bring. 30 was about recovery and personal growth. I’m not sure what the theme of 31 will be, but it’s going to be awesome!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Goings On

Ben and I are doing great. We spent Labor Day weekend at a wedding in LA (see pics) and then last weekend camping with my friends in Julian. There are other things, like work, relationships, kickball and even some more significant details.. but nothing I'd go so far as to blog about.

Here are some pictures from the wedding we went to (Ben's friend Maria got married).

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Well since I was 'tagged' by Cari, I guess I'm IT!

Seven interesting, but utterly useless and self indulgent facts about moi:

7. Like Cari, I HATE mouth noises. The chewing sound is akin to nails on a chalkboard to me. It gives me anxiety and turns me into a total bitch.

6. Regardless of how hot it is, I have to sleep with covers

5. I have no regrets. I've made tons of "mistakes" but I've learned from every experience and feel as though they've made me a better person.

4. I make random, wierd faces all the time- not to anyone in particular, just to myself...

3. I am the most passionate about exercise and nutrition. I could probably tell you anything you ever wanted to know about either subject.

2. I still have the ashes from when Muffin was cremated.

1. I think I'm partially psychic. Well, not really...however I am oddly in-tuned to specific people and can sometimes tell when somethings about to happen or has happened.

So that's it. Hmm..I'm supposed to 'tag' a couple people, but considering only about 5 people know this blog exists and the majority of them have already completed this questionairre...I'll only tag 1- Auntie, you're it.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The BIG intro

I've been back in the saddle for awhile now. I've been seeing Ben since Ian and I broke up in April. We met through our kickball league and have pretty much been inseparable since. I could honestly spend every second of the day with him... it's great. We spent 4th of July up in LA with his friends and went to his Aunt's bbq in Malibu. True to form, I impressed all of them with my wit and charm..haha

Mom came down last weekend to help out with Rodrigo while I went to Scottsdale and she got to spend time with Ben on Friday and Sunday. They loved eachother, which is fantastic.

His parents are coming down from Sacramento this weekend for the big intro...a little intimidating, but I'm also really excited to meet them.

A little about Ben: He's 33 and an Analyst working in the Counter Intelligence dept for the NCIS. He went to UCLS for his Bachelors and Georgetown for his Masters. He's Jewish (although non practicing) and grew up in Sacramento (went to Jesuit). He's funny, very caring, thinks I'm pretty much the best thing ever, and makes me very happy.

We're planning a trip up to Sac in September, so be on the lookout!

Monday, April 21, 2008

More Fun Times!

Last weekend some friends and I went back to Mexico. It was so beautiful, it was 90 degrees the entire time. It really is nice to get out of town for the weekend...especially somewhere that you don't have cell phone reception!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

So I haven't updated in awhile...

2008 is shaping up to be a pretty great year. Here are a few things that have happened so far:

I am still dating Ian. I don't want to jinx anything, so that's all I have to say about that.

Work is going great as well. For awhile it's just been 2 of us in my department- the other being my manager. Needless to say I've had to take on alot of additional responsibility. My efforts have not gone unnoticed. I recently had my year review and was asked to take on even more responsibility training the 2 additions we have to my department. I also recieved a 9% raise, which is pretty awesome. As with any review, they also mentioned what areas I needed to work on. My favorite suggestion was that I "think before I speak." Hilarious.

I've done alot of great things with my friends so far this year as well. Here are a few highlights:

My holiday Christmas party. I am obviously having a good time.

New Years Eve 2008
New Years Eve with Ian

A couple friends of mine have decided to have a baby so we threw them a "Turkey Baster" baby. If you think about it, you'll get the joke.

These are the "Maybe Baby?" pictures:

And then there was the trip to the River House in Mexico:

And Finally, Slot Canyon in the Anza Borrego Dessert:

Monday, December 17, 2007


So Ian is pretty great. Really. We have another date tonight...we'll see if he can keep this up!